Fall of Babylon. Part 1.
The pride of the fake architect has closed.

Crystal Spa & Lounge - St. Petersburg Spa, built by the fake architect Valery Uvarov "according to the ancient canons", and widely presented to the world community as a model of the SPA industry - has closed. The owners who paid money to Uvarov hastily sold the business... Result is zero.
The image of the former owners leaves much to be desired. All decent countries have already been closed to them due to global sanctions. The "architect" himself is yet to do this: Zimbabwe, the Republic of South Africa and their neighbors - Valery Uvarov's new clients in a hurry conclude contracts for the construction of pyramids to preserve the bodies of their opponents and then eat dried human beings.

The former owners are the family of Putin's cook Yevgeny Prigozhin. We have already mentioned it in the section "Double standards of morality" of the Homepage. As you know, the set of qualities of the people for whom Valery Uvarov works is elite: "theft", "robbery", "fraud", "involving a minor in criminal activity" [Source - Wikipedia]. A description of the creation itself - a spa salon according to the canons - you can still find on the site of the "great architect" - [link].

Recently it turned out that even these people could not stand Valery. The deceased CrystalSpa remained only against the backdrop of photographs of Valery Uvarov with world-class scientists, to whom, as is his custom, he "flooded" that he built everything with his own money.

CrystalSpa turned out to be unprofitable and was sold in a rush in 2020.

Доктор Сем Османагич и фейк-доктор Уваров в Crystal Spa

How do you think? What Uvarov wrote on his website - how did he explain this action?

- Right. Lied again:

crystal spa and lounge
It turns out that the reason for this decision (sales) was "very good medical indicators."

a) Listen, will Prigozhin's empire sell a profitable business with "good indicators"? Kinda hard to believe...
b) According to the master who graduated from high school, it turns out that the procedures were so good that the owners decided to sell their business...

However, cognitive dissonance is not the only thing that Valery Uvarov suffers from.