«The prominence of Valery is hard disputable and that's is the only deserved result of his exclusive talent — to trump up. The half-truths and lies have always been the base of his promotion methods. People familiar with Uvarov in Russia and people from abroad know two different persons. Valery has a rather dubious reputation in the widest circles of our Homeland, but in the West, he is known as "the largest expert on pyramids and monuments of ancientry". Obviously, pulling the wool over the eyes abroad is much easier and safer than at home. But carefully considering his activities, an intelligent man will understand that Valery Uvarov has nothing of his own...

1) He stole all the books allegedly written by him from other authors (read more in the "Anthology of Plagiarism" part).

2) Wands research is stolen by him from other developers. Ask Valery to show any research documents issued on his name and trademark? They all belong to other scientists!

3) The only thing that belongs to Valery Uvarov is slander against his competitors (often covered in crazy theories).

And after all this great "Portfolio" he allows himself to call everyone else "fakes"! Ok, this is done for covering the traces of his theft and deception of his former colleagues - the classical slander technique of unfair competition. But what copyrights is this person talking about? Copyrights on the compilation and plagiarism?

Valery Uvarov and Michael Eliseev, 2012

The problem is that English language proficiency gave him advantages over many Russian researchers, from which piece by piece he unscrewed ideas, knowledge, and research. Issuing abroad the achievements of others for his own became quite successful, while at home no one wants to deal with Valery Uvarov for a long time. For many years in Russia (and we were familiar almost 10 years before the joint work) I have not met a single man who speaks positively about Valery's person. In his relations with other people were always hidden mercenary intentions. And if the causes of distancing from him are different, they still boil down to Uvarov's dishonesty.

In the case of me, Valery defrauded and appropriated a large sum of money that I had lent him. After that, I left his project. Later with colleagues, we founded a new company for our own projects (including the Wands of Ra trademark establishment). And I was not surprised by the opportunity to experience the same dirt and slander which Valery's former partners tasted before me — propagation of websites with shameless lies about my company.

Proclaiming all competitive products to be dangerous is a beloved advertising tradition of Valery Uvarov. This unfair competition method is always served by him under the guise of concern for humanity. Besides such an event turns into a good reason to remind people about himself and thereby repeat that only He knows how to make wands and build the pyramids correctly.

It is evidently for me that dialogue with a liar is useless. But we shall ask the following questions ourselves:

— Does he have the monopoly on pyramid shape?

— Does he have a monopoly on crystal technologies?

— Does he have the right to discredit other researchers and manufacturers?

For a normal person, the answer is no on all items. And the international community it would not be superfluous to be puzzled too. Before inviting Valery Uvarov to the conferences the organizers should study the writings of Valery Uvarov carefully. Because starting with little tricks once he turned into a pathological liar and his skills in fairy tales presentation began to border on madness. But when you give in to his false smile and openness you fall into the trap. He is a classic example of a hypocrite».

More detailed analysis and our position about the difference in wands price politics and black PR campaigns by Valery Uvarov against our company we described here - production and unfair competition by Wands of Horus [link].

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