Andy Lloyd's Investigation about Valery Uvarov

and so called "National Security Academy"
The American researcher and writer Andy Lloyd, who attended one of the international conferences with the participation of the impostor Valery Uvarov, became interested in his personality and National Security Academy, the head of the department of which Uvarov presents himself everywhere.

Quote from article:

...One of the speakers at Laughlin was a Russian called Valery Uvarov who has been a full-time Ufologist since 1989. He has been involved in various organisations devoted to the study of anomalous phenomena, and says that he heads 'The Department for Investigation of Extraterrestrial Civilisation under the Russian Academy of Sciences'.

Donald Ware notes that Uvarov became the head of the Department of UFO Research, Paleosciences and Paleotechnology for the 'National Security Academy' of Russia in 2002 (3). This sounds like quite a prestigious post, offering Uvarov much credibility among Ufologists in the West.

The organisation is based in St Petersberg in Russia, but when one of my correspondents tried to reach Valery Uvarov there he was told that they had never heard of him, but that Uvarov might work for their Moscow office. Well, not according to Uvarov, himself anyway.

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P.S. The Moscow office of the National Security Academy also never existed.
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