From whom the "Project 12" was stolen by Valery Uvarov?

Here we just quote from the investigation of the journalist of "Business Petersburg" newspaper (source link):

"The layout of the Tomsk pyramids is exactly the same as the well-known project of Valery Uvarov "New Atlantis and Project-12". And this layout, in turn, is very similar to the project "Project 12" of Crimean specialists Andrew, Ilya and Natalia Korman.

This is the website of Andrey Korman, created in 2007 -

Compare it with the project of Valery Uvarov and try to find at least one difference...

Do you have any questions about the authorship of Valery Uvarov more? This man did not invent anything himself!

project-12 by Valery Uvarov
Picture from Korman website. All right reserved by Andrei A. Korman & Illya A. Korman

We managed to contact Andrey Korman and ask him the following questions:

Journalist: Hello! We have found on your site information about "Project 12". Tell me, please, does this have anything to do with the New Atlantis project by Valery Uvarov?

Andrey Korman: Hello! First, we described the "12" project, where we invited Uvarov as a co-author, then Valery decided to follow the Chinese path. This is what happens when you don't have your own ideas!

Journalist: Clear. In general, can you give any recommendation about him as a partner?

Andrey Korman: He is my godfather! I can only say good things! Draw conclusions without emotions!

In 2003, Kovtun's group, from whom U. stole the wands, warned us what kind of person is U. When U. shat each of us, we must react.

project-12 by Valery Uvarov
Korman's answers to journalist's questions