Valery Uvarov orders the murder of his ex-wife

Recording of conversations provided by Rada Uvarova

The spring of 2022 turned out to be a noble one for the world community. Against the general background of a significant number of scum and murderers with a Russian passport, the citizen of the Russian Federation Valery Uvarov, born in 1954, calls himself a scientist, ufologist, and a couple of dozen fake positions, decided not to stand out. The bottom he reached (as we warned that there would be more knocks from below) turned out to be only soft sand from a children's playground.

After the divorce proceedings in 2019, as a result of which Uvarov lost the copyright to the "Wands of Horus" trademarks and a number of other intellectual property objects, realizing that the case smells of unwashed torn pants again, the "world-famous scientist" decided to order the murder of his ex-wife, the mother of his children.

So, we present you an audio recording of Valery Uvarov's conversation with the killer:

Phone conversation and meeting of Valery Uvarov with the perpetrator of the murder of his ex-wife (January 24-28, 2022)

The former wife of Valery Uvarov (2011-2019) Rada Evgenievna Uvarova contacted the editors of this website. The woman provided an audio recording of the conversation where someone who allegedly previously served in the police offered Uvarov services to eliminate her physically.

However, something went wrong...

The accomplices understood that the measures for surveillance (preparation for physical elimination) of Rada Uvarova were frustrated, as she was aware of the planned assassination attempt. Without thinking twice, the accomplices decide not to kill the showman's ex-wife, but decide to limit themselves to small things - planting drugs and initiating a criminal case under article 288 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs, as well as illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of plants containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, or parts thereof containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.”)

Valery and Rada Uvarov

Further, two scenarios were planned for the development of events: under pressure to force the woman to transfer all the property back to Valery Uvarov or to eliminate her in a general regime colony physically. Thus, the property of Rada Uvarova was planned to be expropriated.

Also, it was established the identity of the person who offered the above-mentioned services to Valery Uvarov.

According to our information, this is someone:

Andrey Vladimirovich Sh. born 05/03/1981 native of the Dnepropetrovsk region, Krivoy Rog

Convicted under articles 112 (Intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm) and 167 (Intentional destruction or damage to property) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in 2006.

Full information is at the disposal of our editorial office, lawyers and police.

Photo from social networks

However, there is nothing new here. Interaction with criminal elements, as we already wrote, for Valery Uvarov, who talks about higher matters, has been in the order of things for a long time. You can read about it on the main page of the website.

P.S. For an English-speaking audience, let us explain: Article 288 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is nicknamed “people's” in Russia. All objectionable - opposition politicians, human rights activists, freelance journalists, people from whom they want to squeeze out business - are most often imprisoned according to this scheme: they plant drugs and lock them up in prison. This is done by both former and current police operatives, most often acting in a criminal conspiracy. This is followed by blackmail through employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service, relatives, and lawyers - this mainly happens in the latter case, when the participants in the racket are interested in obtaining the property of the victim.

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