Attention of researchers and scientists !

Russian scientists whose research V.Uvarov leads at international conferences
do not know his name and never interacted with him!
Valery Uvarov on conference

Valery Uvarov on conference

Talking beautifully at conferences about his "research", Valery Uvarov takes advantage of the fact that no one checks his work. Studies of the pyramids, which he leads:

  • Perm State Medical Academy
  • The Menchikov Vaccine Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Ivanovsky Virological Research Institute
  • Haematological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Neo-Natal Intensive Care Department, Russian Research Center of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • The Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics
  • The All-Russian (Lenin) Electro-Technical Institute
  • Research laboratory «Radiant»
  • «Graphite» scientific research institute
But try as journalists to call these organizations - a person like Valery Uvarov is not known there... FRAUD AGAIN!

Uvarov is a cheater who builds his name on all possible facts having just three courses of University. He seems to be a millionaire taking guests in spa salon owned by his customer, but in reality, he is a crook and all people in Russia know about this. All research he presents is stolen by him from other scientist groups.

Thus, he puts, for example, a real Doctor Sam Osmanagich who does not know about the reputation of Valery Uvarov in Russia in an indecent position. Apparently, if Osmangagich does not respond to these facts, then it is possible that such persons are convenient or advantageous for him? It is obvious that Uvarov is a thief, not once caught in a lie (this is proven by the court), and as it turns out even connected with crime. Worth asking the government of Bosnia - why its representatives are dealing with a fraudster?
Valery Uvarov