Comparing the "Pyramids. The legacy of the Gods" book
by Valery Uvarov (2007,2013,2018)
and "Message from the past. Decoding of the Dendera Zodiac"
by Svetlana Pavlova (2001)

The much more impressive volume of "discoveries" and the text itself was rewritten from S. N. Pavlova (born in 1938) - an associate professor at the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, from where Uvarov was expelled from his third year. Her book "MESSAGE FROM THE PAST. Decoding of the Dendera Zodiac" of 2001 edition was published by him in his second "bestseller" - the book "Pyramids. The legacy of the Gods" (2007, 2008, 2013, 2018) almost completely!

You can download this book here - Pavlova_S_V_Poslanie_iz_proshlogo_2001.pdf
But so far only in Russian. Soon we will organize the translation of this paramount work of real science into English. At least, for now, you can compare the illustrations.
The Pharaoh's architect book

Svetlana Pavlova