The trademark "Wands of Horus" ceased to belong to Valery Uvarov

As a result of his traditional policy of deception, the rogue-researcher lost copyright

This became known in 2019 based on the database of Russian patent. From now on, the trademarks "Wands of Horus" and even "Valery Uvarov" belong to the former wife of the "showman". According to our information, neither the first nor the second wife wants to deal with Uvarov more. The reasons, as always, are the same - deceit and theft. We have no doubts about the ability of this person to deceive and rob not only colleagues, but also the closest people: the entire main page of the website is devoted to this.

From now on, even his former partners in the "Wands of Horus" project from "MAAT Foundation" (the "Wands of Ra" project) cannot claim what exactly is being sold under this name and what is inside...

In 2022, a satellite website appeared, where Uvarov offers to buy the "Rods of Horus", trying to circumvent copyright law. There is nothing unusual in this either: alas, it is not necessary to expect a different behavior from him.

Trademark owner data in Russia:

However, based on clarifying information, the former owner Valery Uvarov now is trying to hide behind the same trademark issued in Austria by one of his previous partners...

As it turned out, the trademark "Wands of Horus" was registered in this country in 2016 by an enterprise called AS water research GmbH and based in Felixdorf, Schulstrasse 59 / A-2603. Trademark data link -

This address matches the location of AutoHaus Ebner (link - for which Valery Uvarov supplied glass pyramids (this is written on the website of Valery Uvarov -

As we can see by photos - the owner is Mr. Tony Webner. His image on the business card matches the photo on Uvarov's website.

Also, according to our information, this person has already terminated the contract with Valery Uvarov, like all his former friends and colleagues. However, we were not able to obtain exact confirmation from Mr. Ebner himself on this question. He does not answer our letters.

We are waiting for a response from the Austrian authorities - does Tony Ebner have any cooperation with russian citizen Valery Uvarov, who works for international criminals like Yevgeny Prigozhin [link]?

Because, based on the volume of pyramid purchases, we can say that cooperation with criminal elements that destroy freedom of speech and human rights in Russia, arrange acts of terrorism around the world, harms free Europe and its basic values.