The investigation of Russian ufologist Boris Shurinov

Calling himself a Doctor in the face of western counterparts Valery Uvarov is silent that has finished only three courses of Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. He knows that abroad no one will check these facts, but the trust will grow. Sounding the Head of UFO investigation department of the National Security Academy he does not mention that the "so-called Academy" is only a Non-Governmental public organization, and such "serious" names can be stamped a lot.

Boris Shurinov, President of the ufological community:
«The ufology requires protection against liars and debunkers, especially — within the ufological community. My goal will be to show the debunkers which are spoiling the image of Russian ufology in the world. Firstly, regarding the abbreviation "Dr. Valery Uvarov" is worth to say that this person has nothing to do with a Doctor status. With three years of study, he can speak only about «unfinished higher education», as we call it in Russian. Secondly, when you hear that he is "the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia" — please note that the "National Security Academy" is a public-service organization created by citizens!»

In 2007, M. Gerstein's book "Secrets of UFOs and Aliens" was published. It begins with thanks, and many names are mentioned, but special gratitude is not to everyone. And this is good, because it is immediately clear to whom many thanks. And then a description of the person to whom gratitude is expressed. "I would like to express my special thanks to... Valery Mikhailovich Uvarov, who worthily represents Russian ufology at the international level."

Let's take a closer look at Uvarov, "worthily representing Russian ufology at the international level." To do this, we will make a flight to 2003. An excerpt from the interview is from Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 4, June-July 2003 [link -]. It took place at the 12th International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival, held February 2-8, 2003, in Laughlin, Nevada, USA.

The interview is not short. If we give the entire text in full - indoor flowers will jump out of their pots in surprise. I just quote the main thing in English, it is hard to believe that such a thing is generally possible to pile up “at the international level”.

Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 4 (June-July 2003)

Graham Birdsall
Editor of the UK-based UFO Magazine
What is your official title?
Valery Uvarov
I am head of the Department of UFO Research, Science and Technical, National Security Academy, based in St Petersburg, Russia.
Graham Birdsall
Editor of the UK-based UFO Magazine
This, then, is an official Russian government agency?
Valery Uvarov
Absolutely. I am answerable to two people above me. They are answerable to the next person above them, who is our President Putin.

And the world trembled with fear ...