Fraud with prices for the Wands of Horus

Evidence of lies and price manipulation
Regular panic attacks of greed led to the phenomenon when Valery Uvarov's bar has fallen below the methods of unfair competition to the level of deceiving customers in his personal online store.

If you try to compare the prices before 2019 in Russian rubles on the Russian version of Uvarov's shop with the price in USD dollars on the English version of his website using the currency calculator Rubles-USD you will discover that Valery Uvarov was selling the wands abroad two-three times more expensive than for Russian customers. Pay attention to lines 2 and 3 of the price table №1. Screenshots as evidence are available.

Until 2018 English and Russian versions of Uvarov's website were located on one single domain name. But after this exposing publication, he hid the buttons of Russian pages from overseas buyers and opened a Russian version of his website with low-cost prices for "Wands of Horus" especially on the different domain names! Thus, it is impossible to notice the price difference without finding this information. Because if you browse his store from USA, Australia or Europe you can not find the option switching the page on Russian language and you will not be able to reveal the deception.

Price table №1
wands of horus price
Now ask yourself one question:

Were the "low-cost" «Wands of Horus» for Russian customers made from poor and cheap materials and the «Wands of Horus» for the rest world made according to Egyptian canon?
- Of course not! This is just a cunningly masked trick from the lies collection of our ex-partner. And it turns out that the price of "Wands of Ra" by Maat Foundation is quite equal to the price of "Wands of Horus" available for Russian customers. But comparing his prices in English with ours - is visually easy, and you can mistakenly think about the allegedly low quality of our products. This is the main purpose of the fraudulent trick!
In 2019 Uvarov realizing that he is losing the market, lowered prices for Wands of Horus to the level of Wands of Ra by MAAT Foundation. Thus he signed that he unscrupulously misled people by telling them about the cause of the low price of our products ("cheap materials"). Check to lines 1 and 4 of the price table №2.

Price table №2
valery uvarov wands of horus
MAAT Foundation has always sold only the FULL complete set (galvanic insoles, copper patches, leather hand belts for night use, leather case for wands, etc.) But now Uvarov divided his wands into FULL and BASIC sets. And his BASIC set (just wands without any accessories) price is matching the price of the FULL set by MAAT Foundation. Anyway, the difference in the price of the Full set for foreigners and the full set for Russians is still significant. Check the price table №3.

Price table №3

buy wands of horus
*This is information in 01/01/2019. Valery Uvarov prices may vary slightly because you are dealing with a professional crook.
And he tracks our investigations every day.

Michael Eliseev
Maat Foundation headmaster
"It seems very funny when one is getting confused in his lies. On the one hand, he declares that the "Wands of Ra" produced by our company are cheaper than his wands "because of their poor quality", and on the other hand it turns out that the cost of "Wands of Ra" is quite equal to the price of "Wands of Horus" available for Russian customers...

The pricing policy of Maat Foundation is honest. The cost of manufacturing of the «Wands of Ra» is the same as the «Wands of Horus», but we add not more than 50% for our work (for some types like «Quartz» and «Maat» we add just 20-30%) and give the equal price to all our customers. For wands manufacturing, we use the same materials and exhibit them in the pyramid for endowing with special properties.

I think this example is an excellent indicator of Uvarov's dual nature. This simple case precisely shows his real side, which he carefully hides from the public behind a sweet smile and exciting consciousness stories about caring for humankind's fates. Objectively speaking this trick with prices is nothing but profit manipulation and unfair competition methods. And the question arises: who does Valery consider to be idiots - the Russian-speaking public or residents of other countries?"