How it all began?

In 1999 the "Wands of Horus" were manufactured by "Kovtun" company. Valery Uvarov was working as a distributor of these products from 1997 to 2000. Then bypassing his employers he registered this trademark on his documents. Next, after stealing the research of wands he deliberately started to discredit the work of other science groups with a view to adapt these studies to his theories.

Today Valery Uvarov proclaims the wands of other manufacturers to be harmful without any adequate proofs. He tries to discredit all of the wands producers by providing on the web false information. Valery Uvarov is also trying to rewrite the history of the emergence of the wands in Russia, using slander and fraud on the Internet.

Here we can see Valery Uvarov to introduce himself and IICUFI (his company) as a distributor of this product and acknowledges "Kovtun" company to produce the Wands of Horus in his book, published by house"Dilja" in 1999. Click to zoom. Translation below.
Here is the translation of the first page: "The book, been just read by you, includes the results of work by Igor Shmelev, Oleg Novikov and Inga Soltovskaja, who have helped a great deal in its creation."
International Informational Center for Ufological Investigations, IICUFI
Fax/Tel.: (812)5381994,,
Address: 197342, Saint-Petersburg, mailbox-57.
The KOVTUN® company, producer of the "Cylinders of Pharaoh" and the "Cylinders of Pharaoh HORUS" series, announces that production of this series has been stopped since April, 1999 due to production of a new series the "WANDS OF HORUS"
The KOVTUN® company guarantees high quality and precise technique following
All of the components are proceeded in the Pyramid

Here is the translation of the text on the second right page: The Cylnders of the Pharaoh® or the harmonic resonance law.
/Compiled by V. Uvarov, - Saint-Petersburg.: publicity of the kovtun® company, 1997, - 48 p.
Trademarks "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh"(in Russian) and "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh" belong to V.P. Kovtun
Trademarks "kovtun" and "HORUS" belong to S.V. Gorr.
The analytical centre of the KOVTUN Company, presented by V. Uvarov, offers the readers a work, devoted to some researches of the Ancient Egypt inheritance, that have been taken place during the last several years. This book continues a topic, started by V.P. Kovtun in Russia.

Cylinders of Pharaoh company story (the year 2001)

Valery Uvarov ascribes his product with the results of medical research carried out on our "Cylinders of Pharaoh" trademark. In the "Wands of Horus" book the "author" refers to the results of research which are completely rewritten from the book of researcher Vladimir Kovtun. But in 1993-1995 the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute made the investigation exactly on the "Cylinders of the Pharaoh".

On the first picture (pic.1) you can see the excerpt from the book by Valery Uvarov, where he argues that the study of the "Wands of Horus" influence was carried out at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute. And the second image (pic.2) shows the official conclusion issued regarding the "Cylinders", but not for the "Wands".
Vladimir Kovtun, the "Cylinders of Pharaoh" manufacturer:
«Everything that happened in almost 40 years of my research of the Cylinders I fix and partly laid out in my book "The Mystery of Cylinders of the Pharaoh" (two editions of 2003 and 2005). In particular, in the chapter called "Apophis", I have described my experience with dishonest people. There are all my impressions regarding communication with Valery Uvarov - alas deeply negative. We can see that he uses plagiarism even in such trifles as product decoration».

Wands of Ra company story (year 2014)

«Maat Foundation» started producing the wands under the «Wands of Ra» trademark in 2014. Our primary objective was to create an affordable instrument, made according to the ancient canon, not inferior in quality and even superior to other previous wands/rods manufacturers while offering a fair pricing policy.

Knowing the subject well and having attained 5-years of experience in the production of the wands by our own hands in partnership with the «Wands of Horus» trademark earlier, we decided to start our project.

A year later (in 2015), having won the trust of many of our customers and many former clients of the «Wands of Horus» company, we were faced with an unprecedented campaign of lies initiated and controlled by our ex-partner Valery Uvarov. This person started to distribute lies, fiction, false stories, and slander on the web.
Michael Eliseev, «Maat Foundation» director, «Wands of Ra» project,
ex-partner of Valery Uvarov at «Wands of Horus» project (2011-2014):
"We do not attack Valery Uvarov first, but we are forced to respond to his attacks on our company, giving you the opportunity to understand what a disgusting character is hiding under "sincere intentions" and the "struggle for morality." But he has nothing of his own: he stole all the research on the wands from previous manufacturers, his books were completely written off from other researchers. Therefore his only tactic is to deny everything and blame others for all sins because he has nothing more to say in response".